Appenzeller Bier


In the town of Appenzell, at the foot of the Alpstein massif, the Locher family brews a very special variety of beer. With hops and malt, like all others. But what the others don’t have is our fresh spring water, taken directly from its source from the legendary Alpstein. And that’s what makes Appenzeller Bier so special. So distinctive in flavour and so popular that even now, five generations on, the family brewery still continues to create new beer varieties.

Inspired by their delight in producing innovations, these master craftsman have produced an abundance of varieties in extremely high quality. It is this passion for innovation that enables people everywhere to discover the delights of Appenzeller Bier over and over again.

Prepare to be delighted! Whether by our well-known Quöllfrisch, or by one of our more exotic and more unusual varieties, such as organic Vollmond Bier (harvest moon beer), Holzfass-Bier (oakwood barrel beer) or Reisbier (rice beer). Enjoy the rich variety of Appenzeller Bier!


Zur Ergänzung unseres Teams im Bereich Immobilien/ Unterhalt suchen wir per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung einen Instandhalter/ Betriebsmechaniker (m/w) 100%.


..the non alcoholic "Bschorle" quenches thirst with the juice of 17 different apple and 11 different pear varieties ..

Für unsere neue Flaschenabfüllung (Ein- und Mehrweg) suchen wir per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung einen Maschinenführer oder eine Maschinenführerin (100%).

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Two types of Pilsner malt and aromatic hops combine to make this beer, which has a malty character and subtle, dry bittering hops.