Appenzeller Bier

Everything you always wanted to know about our Appenzeller Bier, but never dared to ask. We’ll quench your thirst for knowledge!

Appenzeller Bier is as diverse as the locals themselves. And just as independent and headstrong, lively and interesting. Each beer has its own character and characteristics – which different people may well appreciate in different ways in different situations. The same beer might taste bitter to one person, yet sweet to another. Remember that as you read the following descriptions! They’re not a final authority... Form your own opinion on taste!


Beer and beer are not the same – different types of beer:

Our range includes lagers, stouts, light beers, wheat beers, non-alcoholic beers and our beer specialities.

  • Lager (the German words means “storage”) gets its name from the olden days, when beer could only be brewed between October and March, as there were no refrigeration facilities during the summer months. For this reason, great quantities of beer were brewed during the winter and stored in huge cellars.
  • Stout contains a higher percentage of alcohol, as it is brewed to a higher density of wort.
  • Light beer is accordingly brewed to a lower density. Or the beer is subsequently treated to remove alcohol (vacuum distillation).
  • Wheat beer, also known as weissbier (“white beer”), is made from at least 50% wheat malt and is top-fermented. When beer is top-fermented, it increases the content of carbon dioxide in the beer and produces so-called by-products of fermentation such as fruit esters and phenols, which evidence themselves as banana and clove aromas.
  • Non-alcoholic beer is first brewed completely normally, and the alcohol removed in a second step. It is also possible to influence the fermentation process so that less alcohol is produced.
  • To make our beer specialities, we add special and natural ingredients to the various varieties of beer, thus creating the wonderfully diverse range of Appenzeller Biers, and allowing each variety to develop its own unique flavour.



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