Appenzeller Weizenbier alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic)


Our non-alcoholic wheat beer from malted wheat and top-fermenting yeast is specially stored and convinces with a pithy, tangy flavor.


Type of beer: non-alcoholic wheat-beer, cloudy

Alcohol content: non-alcoholic

Colour: amber

Hops: pleasantly discreet hint of hops

Overall impression: fruity, fresh, with a fine malt aroma, yeasty

Optimum drinking temperature: 7°C

Label: Bea Kunz, Appenzell

Since: 2015

Goes well with: greensalads, poultry, soups



Beer of the month

Spiced with hemp leaves and hemp blossom grown in Switzerland (naturally free from THC), this beer has an intense hemp aroma and is brewed with Viennese malt and Stammheim hops.