BrandLöscher Bügel


BrandLöscher in a swing-top bottle came into being in 2010 to mark the commemoration ceremony for the great fire of Appenzell in 1560. In 2011, the idea of producing a version in bright fire-engine red was born.


Type of beer: lager

Alcohol content: 4.8%

Colour: bright yellow to amber

Hops: virtually no bittering hops; dry


Overall impression: full bodied, malty, mellow

Optimum drinking temperature: 5-7°C

Label: Philipp Broger, Appenzell

Since: 2011


Goes well with: aperitif snacks, cold platters, sandwiches, steamed fish, mild soft cheeses, sweet mousses with fruit

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A balanced, malty, full-bodied beer with fine roasted notes from our small alpine world. Here we take time for things that have long been lost in many other places, including time...