Mulled wine is old hat – the new winter warm-up is Appenzell mulled beer!
A crisp winter’s day with an icy breeze and thick flakes of snow inspired our master brewer to compose this heart-warming symphony of beer and choicest spices.
The result: an intensely flavoursome Appenzeller mulled beer for frosty days.


Type of beer: flavoured beer

Alcohol content: 6%

Colour: wine red

Overall impression: Christmassy, aroma of cinnamon and cloves

Optimum drinking temperature: nice and hot!

Label: Karin Ammann, Urnäsch

Since: 2012

Goes well with: gloves and icy cold weather

Beer of the month

Spiced with hemp leaves and hemp blossom grown in Switzerland (naturally free from THC), this beer has an intense hemp aroma and is brewed with Viennese malt and Stammheim hops.