HOI Moringa


I am simply wonderful. I possess the concentrated power of the moringa tree, known as the «miracle tree». What does moringa taste like? Some say it has a slightly bitter, herby taste. Others find moringa to be fresh and citrusy. I suggest you try me and make up your own mind.


Type of beer: beer based-mixed drink

Alcohol content: 2,5%

Colour: rich yellow

Hops:  mild bittering hops

Overall impression: fruity and fresh

Optimum drinking temperature: 4-6°C

Label: Alfred Fässler, Appenzell

Since: 2017

Beer of the month

Spiced with hemp leaves and hemp blossom grown in Switzerland (naturally free from THC), this beer has an intense hemp aroma and is brewed with Viennese malt and Stammheim hops.