Köhler-Bier - Brauerei Karbach


Köhler beer was originally created by Mr Karbacher himself in honour of a town festival. Initially intended to be a special one-off, the beer became so popular that it was quickly included in the brewery’s product range. Due to poor health, Mr Karbacher had to close down his beer production several years ago, but was eager to find a way of preserving his special beer. Since 2008, The Brauerei Locher AG has been producing “Köhler-Bier” in the name of the Karbacher brewery.


Type of beer: beer speciality

Alcohol content: 4.8%

Colour: bright amber

Hops: light finish of bittering hops

Overall impression: beautiful carbonation, malty and aromatic, nutty

Optimum drinking temperature: 7-9°C

Label: unknown

Since: 2008

Goes well with: spicy, cold dishes, grilled fish, stews, mild cheese dishes

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