Schwarzer Kristall


This unique beer, with its coal black colour, has a surprising bouquet of roasted coffee, an aroma of dark chocolate, a faint hint of liquorice and an exquisite blueberry finish. Brewed from caramel malt and black patent malt which has been roasted at approximately 230°, this speciality is stored for several months.


Type of beer: dark stout

Alcohol content: 6.3%

Colour: dark brown / black

Hops: virtually no taste of hops

Overall impression: full-bodied, roasted flavour (coffee), slight flavour of molasses, liquorice, dark chocolate, faint blueberry flavour

Optimum drinking temperature: 12-14°C

Label: Adelbert Fässler, Appenzell

Since: 2007

Goes well with: lamb and beef steaks, grilled meats, game and wildfowl, mushroom dishes, chocolate, filled chocolates, almond biscuits It is also particularly good as an aperitif or dessert beer, and is highly recommended for use in cooking.

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