Drink the summer! Our spring water lager mingles with citrus fruits to create a sparkling, refreshing drink which is a mix of Appenzell charm and Mediterranean flair.


Type of beer: lager, cloudy

Alcohol content: 2.5%

Colour: bright straw yellow

Hops: lemony hops flavour, virtually no taste of bitters

Overall impression: fresh and fruity citrus flavour, sparkling

Optimum drinking temperature: 5-7°C

Label: Dölf Mettler, Appenzell

Since: 2013

Goes well with: aperitifs, fruity-fresh desserts

Beer of the month

Golden hop bines spiral as they reach towards the sky and tell of sunny summer days. There are 5 different hop varieties that gives a fresh, bitter flavour to this Quöllfrisch.