Our beer is made from natural products. Preserving and protecting nature and intact relationships is top on our list of priorities.

Therefore, we see it as crucial to keep our production processes in line with the latest and forward-looking demands on climate protection and environmental protection, and to support our region – our homeland. We can’t prevent CO2 emissions, but we do actively accept responsibility for environment and climate protection.


For the protection of the environment:

With our “Appenzeller Naturperle” beer, we were the first brewery in Switzerland to produce a beer which bears the "Bud" label, awarded by Bio Suisse, to certify it is fully organic. The barley malt and hops used in this beer are sourced exclusively from organic farms.


GranAlpin (organic):

The Locher AG Brewery feels very strongly about promoting Swiss products. Thanks to the partnership with GranAlpin  and the mountain farmers of Grison, we were able in 1996 to bring the cultivation of malting barley back to Switzerland and promote this long-term. The seeds of the special Appenzeller Bier are quite literally sown today on the highest malting barley fields in Europe, between 1200 and 1700 metres above sea level. By supporting the cultivation of malting barley in the mountains of Switzerland, we ensure our Appenzeller Bier is consistently of the highest quality. At the same time, we contribute to preserving Alpine habitats.


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