We’re known throughout Switzerland as a high-quality brewery for speciality beers. Even though beer lovers abroad are increasingly developing a taste for Appenzeller Bier, we remain a small Swiss brewery to the bone. Our customers and their needs form the focus of our business; they’re the driving force behind all we do and the yardstick by which we measure our success. That’s something that hasn’t changed since the K. Locher AG brewery was founded in 1886.


The beer house in Appenzell is officially termed a “brewery” for the first time.

A new brewery is built on the existing site at Brauereiplatz (“Brewery Square”).

The main building from 1830 is replaced by the building that still stands today.

Johann Christoph Locher (1837–1898) buys the brewery.

Karl Locher-Streule (1878–1951) takes over the management of the brewery following the death of his father.

Karl Locher-Streule and his brother Oskar (1885–1958) found the Gebr. Locher (Locher Brothers) general partnership.

The Brauerei Locher AG runs the first ever lorry in Appenzell Innerrhoden.

Karl Locher-Elser (1900–1972) represents the third generation of the Locher brewery dynasty.


The “Brauerei K. Locher AG” public limited company is founded. Karl Locher-Elser passes the baton on to his two sons Karl Locher-Rickenmann and Johannes Locher-Marmy.

Brauerei Locher AG’s 100th birthday.

The Locher Brewery AG is the first brewery in Switzerland to go online:

The Swiss beer cartel is dissolved – the starting gun for conquering the Swiss beer market.

The two cousins Raphael Locher-Diem and Karl Locher take over the brewery in the 5th generation.

Hans Sonderegger is elected joint proprietor in the executive board of Brauerei Locher AG.

Our Brauquöll visitor centre opens in Appenzell.

Building work begins on a new filling line.




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