In April 2017 we visited the Brauerei Locher in Appenzell for a university project on Family Businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility. Everybody knows the Appenzeller Bier because of its Quöllfrisch and the idyllic landscapes painted on their logos. We were curious to know the true story behind this company and their approach to environmental and societal challenges. Overall, we wanted to know if Appenzeller Bier was true to its roots! 

We met Karl Locher, the CEO of the company, and quickly discovered a company that grows in tune with the rhythm of nature. From the beginning, he clearly expressed: ‘’Sustainability is logic… Everything we have comes from nature, so we have to give something back”. The company has always been very committed to sustainability and has been experimenting dozens of environmental and social projects. In fact, from recycling their leftover malt into Chips, working with mountain farmers and collaborating with local producers in Côte d’Ivoire, Brauerei Locher had many stories to tell us. 

As students, the Brauerei Locher surpassed our expectations. The company succeeded in building a business model that has positive impact on the environment and the people. They balance traditions with innovation and profit with purpose. In Appenzell being authentic also means being creative!

Two months after our visit we sent them an email explaining that we believed their philosophy should reach a bigger audience and inspire more companies and people. Our generation has grown in a social media world. What if we used platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to connect local practices with a global audience? The result of it was our campaign called #slowerliving. With this campaign our goal is to mix tradition with innovation in order to understand how their beer is produced and how best to enjoy it.

So what does #slowerliving mean?

1) The context

In today’s world we are more connected than ever before. We can travel to any place in the world, and can contact any person we want. But in a world driven by technology we often spend more time on our screens than out in the nature. Despite our tools we are growing increasingly disconnected from our own country, our mountains and the people who live there. Despite our freedom it often feels that we are never at peace.

2) The mission

Within this context the aim of #slowerliving is to reconnect to our roots in order to appreciate what we have and where we come from. #slowerliving aims at uniting people who believe in the beauty of nature and the importance of sharing good times with friends.

After a few months of activity we decided to go on a #slowerliving trip across Switzerland in order to document Swiss nature, culture and authenticity. We believe that this goes hand in hand with social media as it allowed us to document our adventures along the way.

So in July 2018 we packed our bags in order to cross Switzerland from Appenzell to Geneva. We went camping in the mountains every night and in between, we went to meet the farmers of the Appenzeller Bier. From an Alpine malt producer in the Grisons to a rice producer in Ticino and a honey producer in Freiburg, these people, left a big impact on us.

Perhaps it is because they work outside in nature, perhaps it is because they move so much or perhaps it is because they create something for others but despite working hard for their job they all genuinely seemed to love their life.

They showed us that it was possible to have a good balance between working hard and living slow. Because life will always be complicated, but happiness is simple!

The collection of the interviews and adventures will be shared on Appenzeller Bier’s Social Media and Website through a serie of short movies.

And now that we told you our story, we want to know what #slowerliving means to you. What is your way of enjoying free time? What is Your moment? What is Your adventure? And do you believe that authenticity and modernity can work together?

Tag your pictures with #slowerliving and join our community!

Quöllfrische Grüsse aus Appenzell.

Victor, Filippo and Maxime

Compiled: 08-10-2018

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