The craft of brewing


Hops, malt and water – is that all you need for a good beer?
Breweries and master brewers the world over work with these three basic ingredients, in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law. Nonetheless, no two breweries work in the same way, and no two beers are the same. As with all other arts, the differences are to be found in the individual quirks of the master brewer and the brewery itself.

In the Brauerei Locher AG, we regard the traditional brewing methods as handed down to us as particularly important. By selecting our raw ingredients carefully and in a responsible manner, we guarantee that our master brewers have the wherewithal to produce our Appenzeller Bier in the high quality to which our public is accustomed. Together with the innovative creativity of the Appenzellers, the result is a wide range of traditional and individual beers.