The art of brewing


Appenzeller Bier is, of course, made from three natural raw ingredients – water, malting barley and hops.
Brewing beer is applied bioengineering. The brewer uses natural biological processes to turn the natural raw ingredients into beer. Expertise in brewing technology, experience following vocational training in brewing, and strict food and hygiene regulations form a solid basis for brewing beer – but they don’t make it into an art.

The art of brewing beer lies in an instinctive sensitivity in combining and adjusting the individual components. The density of the wort, the fermentation process of the yeast, the addition of spices or herbs, and the water used in the brewing are all decisive factors. In our brewery in Appenzell, our master brewers have a keen eye for such things.

With dedication and passion, and embedded in the consciousness of our tradition, the beers created in the heart of Appenzell offer beer lovers a truly special experience time after time.


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